Bannatyne Privacy & Cookies Notice

​This is the Bannatyne Group privacy and cookie notice. The Bannatyne Group consists of The Bannatyne Group PLC, Bannatyne Fitness Limited, Bannatyne
Fitness (2) Limited and Bannatyne Hotels Limited.
1. Introduction and summary
1.1. Introduction
Thanks for reading our privacy notice. It tells you how we collect, use and share your personal information and what your rights are – and how to exercise
This notice applies to you if you are:
● A customer: a health club member (or their guest), spa user, hotel/restaurant guest or someone who buys products from our website, a health club,
hotel or spa
● A supplier: a sole trader or partnership or a contact for us at a corporate supplier who provides services to us
● A consultant: an adviser, consultant, or other professional expert
● A job applicant: someone who is interesting in working for us
● An interested person: someone who makes an enquiry or complaint or corresponds or enters a competition with us or visits us, who isn't in any of the
categories above
● A relative of a member of our staff: a close family member or next of kin of a member of our staff, or
● A website visitor or user of social media: a visitor to our website or user of social media.
This notice doesn't apply to Bannatyne Group staff, a freelance service providers (personal trainer, swimming instructor or class instructor) or shareholders.
There are a couple of technical definitions to get out of the way first. Here they are.
By “personal information” we mean personal data as defined in UK data protection law. In general, it means any information relating to you, which identifies
you or allows you to be identified. That may be your name, an ID number, location, an online identifier or factors specific to you (e.g. physical, physiology
(thoughts, feelings), genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social factors).

By "sensitive" personal information we mean two things: 1. what's technically known as "special categories" (personal information revealing racial or ethnic
origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying an
individual, data concerning health or data concerning an individual's sex life or sexual orientation) and 2. criminal data (criminal offences or related security
measures, including the alleged commission of offences, proceedings for an offence committed or alleged to have been committed or the disposal of those
proceedings, including sentencing).
For ease, we've split this privacy notice up into parts:
Part 1: Introduction and summary
Part 2: Important information about your rights in relation to consent and to object to our use of your personal information
Part 3: Key information required by the GDPR
Part 4: Cookies and similar technologies
If you have any queries about this privacy notice, please contact us. Please see "Our identity and contact details" in section a and "Data protection officer"
section b of "Key information required by the GDPR" below for our data protection officer's contact details.
1.2. Summary
Here's a summary overview to help you navigate. Find yourself in the left hand column, then read across the table.